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    Constructions to look out for in 2019

    As we start a new year, let us take a look at 5 large scale construction projects that are due to commence and grace the skylines of the UK and further afield in 2019.

     1. Crossrail

    A popular and ongoing project is the high speed and highly anticipated Crossrail. This project commenced May 2009 with an initial expected completion date of December 2018. The project has run into delays causing knock on effects for both businesses and property owners (see our previous article on Crossrail) now the new expectations of opening are due at the end of Autumn 2019.

    2. The Tulip

    We may have a flower like structure to add to London’s skyline, standing alongside the Gherkin, Walkie Talkie, The Cheese Grater. The construction is due to become the 2nd tallest structure in the UK. However, the yet to be built structure has already caused some objections such as – the structure could cause problems with air traffic control radar systems, or it looks less like a tulip and more like a cocktail cornichon, residents in the area have objected as they have said it will turn the area into a construction site for years -. Looks like we will need to keep an eye on the development of the Tulip.

    3. Alexander Stadium – Commonwealth Games 2022

    The current Alexander Stadium is more a revamp rather than a new construction project, however still a project to watch. The stadium will go from it’s current 12,700 capacity to a 40,000-seater. Like most other sporting event structures, the plan is to keep the stadium after the Commonwealth Games but not in it’s current form. The stadium is expected to go down to a 20,000 seater capacity and continue to be an athletic home, with plans to benefit the local community.

     4. Al Maktoum International Airport

    We travel across to Dubai and look at what is intended to be the largest airport in Dubai and the 4th largest airport in the world once it has all been completed. Al Maktoum International Airport has been named after the late former ruler of Dubai Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

     5. Riyadh Metro

    This project is estimated to cost $22.5 billion to build, with a soft launch opening later this year and be fully up and running in 2021. The Metro is only one part of the Riyadh transport system, the entire transport project includes a bus system and other forms of transport resulting in this entire project to be the largest of its kind.