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    Cavendish Professionals are the proud sponsors of Parnell’s Youth GFC

    Cavendish Professionals are the proud sponsors of Parnell’s Youth GFC

    We are pleased to announce that we are the official sponsors of Parnell’s, Youth Gaelic Football team. In the month of September, we were delighted to attend their annual golf day at Mill Hill GC and Family Day at Harrow RFC. These two fundraising events were both immensely successful raising vital funds to continue their sporting outings in 2024.

    Parnells Youth GFC club poster at a football field

    The Power of Sport

    Sport plays a crucial role in the lives of young people, offering a wide range of physical, mental, and social benefits. Sport is not just about physical activity but also about personal growth, social development, and mental well-being. We recognise the significance of sport in the lives of young people and want to support in any way we can.

    Parnell’s Youth GFC are providing opportunities for young people to develop their skills, passions and love for sport. Being part of a sporting club promotes a sense of belonging and identity, fostering community spirit and bringing people together. Sponsoring Parnell’s GFC, allows them to continue to develop and offer new opportunities to the youth in London.

    Parnells Youth GFC club poster at a football field
    Parnells Youth GFC club poster pictured on a table

    Keeping the legacy alive 

    Parnell’s GFC have a rich history and tradition of playing Gaelic football. We continue to prioritise the preservation of our Irish heritage at Cavendish Professionals, in turn, supporting Parnell’s ensures they too preserve their Irish heritage and that their cultural legacies are not lost, being passed down to future generations. The work this club has done throughout the years has had a massive impact on individuals and families, it is vital they continue to keep young people in sport.

    A recent survey conducted by the PCSFN Science Board, indicated that 73% of adults across the UK who played sports when they were younger believe this pushed them to have stronger physical habits. Sport is part of our DNA at Cavendish Professionals, and we will continue to advocate its importance on one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Sport offers a great opportunity for young people to inherit strong habits to carry through their adult lives.