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    Cavendish Professionals Golf Day in support of St Brendan’s GFC

    Cavendish Professionals Golf Day in support of St Brendan’s GFC

    In the month of August, we were delighted to organise and welcome a large group of clients, friends, and colleagues to Sudbury Golf Club for the annual St Brendan’s GFC Fundraising Golf Day. This event was organised in the hopes to raise funds to support the senior team in their next footballing season. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Sudbury Golf Club for allowing us to host our event on their premises.

    4 men standing for a photo on the golf course
    4 men standing for a photo under a large clock

    The Power of Community

    At Cavendish Professionals, we appreciate the value of such gatherings to foster new connections and build a sense of community. The generosity of those who came out to support allowed us to raise a large sum of money for the senior team. The sense of community was evident, different construction companies coming out to serve as a powerful catalyst for community cohesion and progress. Although this event was based around playing golf, it also served as an opportunity for organisations to network and come together to support through collaboration and innovation.

    A golf club with a table and posters sat out
    Three men standing for a photo inside a golf club

    Winner Winner

    On the day, we had a number of prizes up for grabs, which brought out the competitiveness in everyone. The winner of the overall tournament was Connelly’s. We also held a raffle which saw some big prizes being won. Two of the prizes included premier league tickets. Home game tickets for a game in Fulham and also in Brentford. Congratulations to those who won the tournament and the raffle tickets, we hope you enjoyed the games.