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    Code Europe – Expanding our Insights at the biggest tech festival in Poland

    What is Code Europe?

    Code Europe is a prestigious event that attracts top-tier technology professionals from around the world. This event, held in June 2023, was a gathering of developers, engineers, designers, and other tech enthusiasts eager to share their expertise and learn from industry leaders. At Cavendish Professionals, it is imperative that our team of technology recruitment specialists continue to expand their knowledge of the European IT market. This is important for our consultants to understand the requirements of our clients.


    In June, Adrian, Klaudia, and Michal, three of our tech division consultants travelled to Poland to attend Code Europe. Our consultants started in Krakow meeting tech enthusiasts and clients at the beginning of the week and then travelled to Warsaw, where day two took place. Attending Code Europe was an opportunity for our technology recruitment team to learn and network with some of the biggest names within the technology industry. This trip to Poland reinforced our team’s commitment to identifying and attracting the best talent possible for our clients, staying at the forefront of the industry.

    3 people stood for a photo in Poland
    A selfie of Adrian and Michal in Poland

    Staying Ahead

    The knowledge gained from these sessions proved invaluable, as it allowed us to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and understand the evolving skill sets required in today’s tech landscape. Code Europe provided a platform for companies and startups to showcase their innovative products and services. Our team had the chance to explore the exhibition area, where they interacted with cutting-edge technology solutions and witnessed live demos of emerging technologies. Our team continues to prioritise client product development direction, in addition to fully understanding the type of talent they require to put future technology in place for organisations to remain ahead of competition.


    We are excited to announce “Tech Horizon: Navigating the Future” our upcoming event which will take place in Krakow this November. Head over to our Events page on our website to find out more about the event or to secure your tickets.