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    Celebrating Women in Construction – Denisa Rusu

    Denisa Rusu – Welfare Labourer, Econ group Ltd.

    For today’s addition to the Women in Construction series, we checked in with Denisa Rusu. Denisa gives her take on what has changed in construction, and the improvements that could still be made. She also provides some key advice to any female graduates.

    Denisa Rusu is a Welfare Labourer for Econ Group Ltd.

    What made you interested to enter into a career in the Construction industry?

    My interest in the construction industry started from a young age. I had a desire to be part of the building and manufacturing process. I enjoyed observing how with an abundance of raw materials together with people, they can build remarkable things.  You have the ability to create something different whether it’s building houses, apartments, offices. I have always rated highly the exceptional standards, professionalism and hard work are required for any construction project.

    What changes have you seen the industry make in order to become more inclusive to women entering the market?

    I’ve observed that an increasing number of companies in construction have increased the number of job positions. These are positions that a passionate and interested woman can be part of. For example, I’ve met ladies on various construction sites. These women are in positions such as Project Managers, Lorry Drivers, Welfare, Cleaners and so on.

    What advice would you give women entering the industry?

    I would like to recommend to all women to believe in their capabilities. As well as their prospects of working in this industry. Yes it can be hard, like any other industry. I have always had the highest regard for the high standards, knowledge, and devotion required for any building project. What’s more, It is an extremely rewarding career option.

    What further improvements or changes do you think could be made to encourage women to join the construction industry?

    It is important for young girls to see the experiences women have on construction sites. This will inspire them to think more seriously about working in the field. I think people have a preconceived idea of what it is like. Step onto a site and you might be surprised.