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    Mental Health Month 2023

    Mental Health Awareness at Cavendish Professionals

    Just as we prioritise our physical health, recognising and tending to our mental health is equally essential. We place a strong emphasis on the significance of mental well-being and strive to instill this awareness throughout our entire company. Understanding the complex connection between mental and physical health and valuing both equally are key elements in enhancing overall well-being. We firmly believe in encouraging everyone to make their mental health a priority, ensuring they are open to seeking assistance or treatment at any stage in their lives.

    Observing Suicide Prevention Month 2023

    Suicide presents a profound public health concern, carrying far-reaching social, emotional, and economic implications. Throughout the entire month of September, we aimed to bring this issue into focus. With the growing awareness surrounding mental health issues, it has become increasingly crucial to comprehend how to provide mental health support, particularly when dealing with the profoundly serious topic of suicide awareness.

    Within our workplace, we organised an afternoon session that fostered open and honest discussions among our staff. Through this initiative, we also sought to show our support for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and shed light on the invaluable work they do in aiding construction workers through their ‘Help Inside the Hard Hat’ program. It remains imperative that everyone has a voice when it comes to championing a cause that supports our mental health.

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    World Health Day

    Every year, the 10th of October is dedicated to World Mental Health Day. We do more than just acknowledge mental health on this specific date; we prioritise it every single day. We are committed to supporting our team around the clock, 365 days a year. We actively encourage all our employees, both internally and externally, to reach out if they are facing challenges.

    Recognising that it can sometimes be challenging to open up to colleagues, we have implemented initiatives to ensure that our team feels fully supported. Through enjoyable sports events and awareness campaigns, our aim is to bring smiles to the faces of all our employees at Cavendish Professionals.

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