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    Sickle Cell Society

    We had the pleasure of talking to John James, CEO of the Sickle Cell Society, in order to learn more about what sickle cell disease is as well as the effects it can have on someone with sickle cell on a daily basis. Furthermore we had the opportunity to explore the ways in which the Sickle Cell Society is able to support those suffering with sickle cell in their personal and work lives.

    This episode begins with John James introducing himself and the Sickle Cell Society, as well as their main objective. Natasha then explains what sickle cells are exactly, and the difference between normal, healthy red blood cells and sickle cells. She then further explains how this affects the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, and how that affects an individual. John then adds on with some details of the properties of sickle cells and the influence of sickle cell disease on the health industry. He then goes on to detail his initiative “Give Blood, Spread Love” which has the aim of encouraging people to donate blood for future blood transfusions, currently one of the only treatments for people with sickle cell diseases. They then go on to outline potential issues that could arise in the workplace for someone with sickle cells, and how adjustments or considerations could be made on the small and large scale to make the workplace more accommodating.

    John James

    John is the CEO of the Sickle Cell Society, which is currently the only national charity in the UK that supports and brings awareness to those suffering with Sickle Cell Disorder. Having first been established in 1979 to hep facilitate safe environments and equal opportunities to those suffering from sickle cell

    Our Team

    Amy Harris

    Amy is the Senior Marketing Executive and works within the marketing team at Cavendish Professionals. Her role includes supporting the growth of our social channels, website and presence in the industry. This can include a variety of tasks from content and event planning, to marketing campaigns to reach our audience.

    Her experience prior to Cavendish Professionals comes from working within the marketing team at a private health clinic in Central London.

    Natasha Gordon Douglas

    Natasha heads up the marketing team at Cavendish Professionals.  The marketing team are the hub for all the various content that needs to be produced, ranging from social media posts, collateral production, social and marketing events and filming production, you name it, the marketing team covers it.

    We produce any marketing collateral for the consultants to aid with any business development requirements. However, we know it’s not all work and no play, so we also manage the internal social and charity events.


    The Sickle Cell Society has done incredible work over the years, raising awareness and support for those suffering with sickle cell disease. If you are interested in learning more about them or donating to an amazing cause, please click here.