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    Sporting Dedication at Cavendish Professionals

    Cavendish Professionals Sporting Dedication

    Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) runs deep, and we’re thrilled to share a remarkable story that falls under the “People Pillar”. Three dedicated members of our staff recently participated in not one but two half marathons. What makes this achievement truly special is that it wasn’t done for charity; rather, it was a pursuit of their own physical and mental well-being.

    The Heart of Cavendish Professionals

    Our CSR strategy has always revolved around the well-being of our people both those we partner with through clients and candidates but of course, it is those that we work alongside. We firmly believe that a healthy, motivated, and balanced team leads to success, both within and beyond the workplace. Our People Pillar encompasses the nurturing the physical and mental health of our staff, promoting work-life harmony, and encouraging their personal development.

    Mike and Mark after running the half marathon, stood for a picture

    The Incredible Journey of Three Team Members

    Mark Liston, Michael Hughes, and Amy Harris embarked on a journey to enhance their well-being. They didn’t run for a specific charity or fundraising goal; they ran for themselves, their health, and their mental strength. Here’s what they said inspired them:

    Physical Health

    The benefits of regular exercise are well-documented. Running half-marathons not only challenged them physically but also improved their cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and overall well-being.

    Mental Resilience

    Training for and participating in long-distance runs like half marathons requires a different type of mental toughness and determination. Our team members showcased their commitment to personal growth by pushing their boundaries.

    Team Spirit

    The team spirit they built during their training and the races created a stronger sense of friendship the team. This sense of belonging aligns perfectly with our company’s ethos. Even the people that didn’t run were encouraging the training programme of the runners, providing tips wherever possible.

    Supporting Wellbeing and Personal Growth

    As a company, we want to shine a spotlight on the benefits of movement not only for our physical health but also the importance it has on our mental health. Working within the specific industries especially within construction and given the fact that we encourage our clients and candidates to keep fit,  we understand the pressures that our workers can face, therefore, we aim to create an environment that places our mental and physical well-being at the centre of all we do.

    We wholeheartedly support our team members’ endeavors to improve their physical and mental health. Their journey is a testament to the freedom and encouragement we provide our employees to explore their passions and nurture their well-being.

    Our People Pillar aims to foster a holistic sense of well-being, and this achievement aligns perfectly with that objective.

    Their journey is a testament to our commitment to the “People Pillar” of our CSR strategy. We believe that by empowering our team to take control of their wellbeing, we create a positive and inspiring work culture that translates to success, both within our organisation and in their personal lives.

    Amy Harris holding a t shirt after completing a half marathon

    We hope their story inspires others to embark on similar journeys toward better physical and mental health. After all, when our team members thrive, so does our company.