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    CSCS card – An essential for a career in the Construction Industry

    For those of you who may be looking into going into construction as a career path, or are just interested in the sector, you may wonder why you should get a CSCS Card. What are the benefits? Do I need one? How do I get one? In our latest construction series, we’ll take you step-by-step through the various construction cards needed to work on a site.

    To start off, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is the leading UK construction industry’s skills certification scheme. CSCS cards provide documented proof that any individuals working on a construction site have undergone the appropriate training and qualifications for their assigned job. Therefore, proving that the workforce is fittingly qualified. The card system plays its part in improving the level of standards and safety on UK construction sites.

    Put simply, CSCS offers a detailed catalogue of different cards, therefore, allowing employers to recognise which job an individual is qualified to carry out. The cards dictate supervisory roles to trainee positions. A specific example would be the Green CSCS card is available to those working in labouring occupations.

    Whilst possessing a CSCS card is not necessarily a legislative requirement, it is vital to understand the decision is entirely up to the main contractor or client(s) whether workers are required to hold a card before being allowed to operate on-site.

    Here is a brief summary of the type of CSCS cards available:

    • Green CSCS Card: Construction Site Operative/ Labourer Card
    • Blue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker
    • Gold CSCS Card – Skilled Worker
    • Black CSCS Card – Senior Manager
    • White CSCS Card – Construction Related Occupation (CRO)
    • Yellow/White – Professionally Qualified Person CSCS Card
    • Yellow CSCS Card – Regular Visitor
    • Red CSCS Card – Trainee
    • Red CSCS Card for Experienced Worker

    If you would like to apply for a CSCS card, please click here, also keep an eye out for our construction series as we go into more detail about the different CSCS cards and the types of requirements needed.

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