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    Effective Ways in Building an Entrepreneurial Attitude

    In 2019, small business start ups increased by 3.5% compared to the previous year, 5.8 million small businesses at the start of 2019. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, it takes determination, creativity and a change in habits. However, more and more people decide to go down this route

    1. Be Creative

    Your ability to see things differently and provide a product or service to fill a gap. Ways you could do this is to read different books, unusual books that you may not read ordinarily. Watch a movie that isn’t your natural genre or a subtitled film.

    1. Start a small side hustle / business

    Many of the well-known entrepreneurs always say they learnt by making mistakes. In the falling is where you learn. Do you have a hobby? Try and make a small business from it. Do you like making cupcakes, jewellery, or even drawing, maybe you can make a small batch and sell to neighbours, friends or even joining an online community of small businesses like Etsy. You never know you might have found a business that takes off.

    1. Put you hand up to lead

    Practice being a leader. Volunteer to lead a project at work (if possible), or volunteer in your local community to mentor a young person. Take on some responsibility, if you can’t manage a work project why not try something locally and manage a children’s football team.

    1. Ponder Longer

    Try and work things out. Don’t just stop doing something because its hard, or your first solution doesn’t work. You need to take time to think on it, this ties into being creative, you sometimes just need a different perspective to find a solution. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road, but one that when you keep going is all the better when you find that solution.