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    Factors of technology become interesting again

    It is no secret that technology has seen some new and interesting developments over the past few years, especially when it comes to computing infrastructure. Drastic changes have taken place within cloud computing and data, with the likes of 5G Technology and Hybrid Cloud commanding centre stage in the technology world. There has also been a massive growth with mobile phones also. There has been more focus on speed, function and how they look with fresh new models releasing every few weeks. Brands like Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi dominate the mobile phone industry; however, the era of simplicity is back.

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    One piece of phone technology that has made a massive comeback in 2021 is the iconic flip phone. This age has seen people rely heavily on connectivity whilst still demanding simple more innovative ways of using technology. This has seen businesses incorporating smartphone features with the flip phone design. Combining these elements allows customers to have the simplicity they require whist still being exposed to modern day technology.

    What Changes have been made to the flip phone?

    Some slight adjustments have been made to the flip phone as we once remember it, one being that the new modern version includes a much larger screen, with the display being developed much further. Some companies has designed their new models to where the glass can bend, offering a big-screen phone in a foldable body. With some other minor changes, the flip phone remains nostalgic with a cool, plain and simple feel.

    What brings the return of the flip phone?

    For many years the increased use of smartphones has had a massive toll on people, and that includes the constant pressure to be available. The iPhone offers instant connectivity which can been seen as huge benefit to many but for others the iPhone has taken away so much privacy, along with many other forms of mobile devices. It allows fragmented conversation and not to mention the insane prices they have exceeded.

    There are many benefits to the use of the flip phone, from its size to its durability. The flip phone also offers a sense of disconnect, from the reality. There is no pressure on the need to respond straight away and when you do call or message people having meaningful and focused conversation.

    This is why the flip phone has made it into our top 10 technology trends in 2021, and we can’t see it going nowhere anytime soon.

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