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    Five Major Projects in Kuwait

    The total estimated value of active construction projects in the State of Kuwait is valued at $234.4 bn. These projects represent 3% of the number of active projects in the GCC and account for 11% of the total estimated value of all active construction projects in the GCC. Taking a closer look, we identify five major planned construction projects for the country.

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    1. GCC Railway

    With an estimated project cost of $250 bn and scheduled to be completed in 2021, the GCC Railway system will stretch 2,100 km and connect all six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states. The cost of the project will be shared by the six countries in proportion to the length of the rail network in each country. The network will be developed by Qatar Rail in Qatar, Oman Rail in Oman, Saudi Railway Company in Saudi Arabia and Etihad Rail in the UAE.

    2. Madinat Al Hareer (City of Silk)

    Madinat Al Hareer is a proposed 250 sq km planned urban area in Subiya, Kuwait and is scheduled to be completed within 25 years, with an estimated cost of $132 bn. The city will be connected to Kuwait City via the Jaber Causeway, and upon completion will include the Burj Mubarak al-Kabir, a large business centre, conference areas, a nature reserve of 2 sq km, and a host of tourist attractions, hotels, environmental areas and public gardens.

    3. Kuwait Islands Development

    Kuwait is set to invest $160 bn over the next 20 years developing five major islands located in the north-western corner of the country. The plan is to transform Bubiyan Island, Warba Island, Failaka Island, Maskan Island and Aouha Island into tourism and leisure destinations consisting of canals similar to those found in Venice, Italy. The project will include a new airport, hotels, amusement and sports facilities, and shopping and business centres.

    4. Kuwait Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)

    The State of Kuwait is the fifth largest oil producer among OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) members and plans to build four nuclear power reactors by 2022. This sees Kuwait joining a drive for atomic energy among Gulf countries seeking alternative sources of electricity. GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are turning to atomic energy to save oil reserves for overseas sales.

    5. Sabah Al Ahmed Future City

    Sabah Al-Ahmad City is a new city located 50 km south of Kuwait City. Once completed, the 35 sq km city is expected to have a population of 110,000 people. It will include high-rise towers for staff housing, villas, 45 schools, 70 mosques and 15 hospitals and clinics, entertainment centres, hotels and shopping facilities.

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