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    Front End Development and working in Switzerland

    The role and primary function of a front end Developer is an individual who carries out web designs via a number of programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. As a front end Developer, you would work with the overall outlook and design of the website. On the other hand, a back end developers duty include the logistics and tasks that go on behind the scenes or internally like databases. On most sites, you can recognise the outcome of a front end developers work in the navigation and layouts of the website, alongside a site’s differences in aesthetics in comparison to your phone.

    It is a common misconception that developers would only need to create user interfaces effectively. However, in order to make products efficiently, it is also essential to be able to properly liaise with the clients to achieve the desired outcome. Ideally, you should be well-versed with your skills and abilities to communicate concisely.

    An integral attribute which all front end developers would need to rely on, is their aptitude for problem solving. This is vital in deducing how to best implement or incorporate a design to addressing technical bugs that occur, to discerning the best method of ensuring your front end code works well and in tandem with the backend code being implemented.

    Ultimately, web design is concerned about a website’s aesthetic, whilst front end development addresses the way in which the design actually functions and becomes implemented into the website.

    What’s it like in Switzerland?

    It is often overlooked that Switzerland is considered to be a country with some of the highest salaries in comparison to the rest of the globe. Therefore, working as a Swiss software developer is incredibly profitable, with the average salary for a developer being around $6659 a month. However, bear in mind that the salaries of developers do in fact vary to a degree in certain cities. For example, in places like Zurich, a PHP developer salary could be around $9873 per month depending on the company. Meanwhile, a Java developer would receive somewhere along the lines of $8227 per month.

    In terms of applying for a role in Switzerland from another country, if you are already a citizen in an EU country, it would be relatively simple for you to get a work permit in Switzerland – This would primarily involve just filling out the papers after getting the job. On the other hand, if you are transferring from a different country or region, such as India or the US, the process would become somewhat more difficult. At Cavendish Professionals we pride ourselves on helping you step by step through the recruitment process until you reach the perfect job, to browse the technology roles we have, please click here.