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    Health and Safety Officers in Construction

    In 2023, there is an increased awareness surrounding health and safety within the construction industry. Understanding and minimising the number of risks on construction sites has become a top priority for organisations. Prioritising health and safety regulations not only benefits the well-being of workers but contributes to the overall success and sustainability of construction projects.

    This increased awareness within the construction industry has led to the need for more Health and Safety officers on site. This article will delve into the contributions of these officers and the importance of their role within this industry.

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    Who are health and Safety Officers?

    Healthy and Safety Officers within construction, often referred to as the guardians of well-being, play a crucial role in ensuring everyone who is working on-site gets home safely. They are trained professionals who ensure the environment you are working in is safe and secure of any potential hazards. Health and safety on site is a culture and these officers are not just in place to protect lives but they also aim to improve efficiency on site.

    Compliance Monitoring

    When it comes to compliance monitoring, Health and Safety Officers are responsible for ensuring everyone on site is following the safety laws and regulations that are in place. They are also required to inspect all supplies that come on-site, ensuring they also comply with relevant legislation.

    Record Keeping

    One of the most important aspects of this role is to maintain accurate records of all risk assessments completed. These include site inspections, investigations, and compliance breaches. Often, authorities request reports from construction sites, therefore, Health and Safety Officers must ensure all filing is up to date. One of the latest frameworks that oversees the safety and standards of all high-rise buildings is the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

    Health and Safety Training

    According to recent government figures, 9% of the UK workforce, work within construction-related jobs. Having such a large percentage of the UK population working within this industry means there is a constant need for training and development. Health and Safety Officers are responsible for arranging relevant health and safety training courses for staff at all levels within their organisations. These officers have to ensure their teams are up to date with any onsite regulatory changes.

    Often the work that goes on behind the scenes within construction goes unnoticed, however, Health and Safety Officers are a necessity on site. They safeguard lives.

    At Cavendish Professionals, we are always recruiting for Health and Safety Managers for our well-established clients. If you seeking contract or permanent work, don’t hesitate in reaching out to our team today.

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