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    Health For All: World Health Day 2023

    On the 75th anniversary of World Health Day (WHO), The World Health Organisation is taking this momentous occasion as an opportunity to look back on the progress that has been made within public healthcare over the past 75 years. Necessary advancements has ensured that quality of life has improved, and they continue to progress towards a better future. WHO are also aiming to inspire everyone around the world to address current and upcoming health issues.

    Looking after your health

    Your mind and body interact and influence one another in complex ways; therefore, looking after your body the right way is essential in 2023. Being at risk for physical illness can make looking after your mental health more difficult. Other factors that can have a toll on your mental health include stress, lack of sleep and insufficient energy levels due to you not eating the correct foods.

    Ways to improve your health

    Physical exercise – incorporating exercise into your daily life can have many beneficial impacts on your health. These include, weight loss, reduced risk of disease, strengthened bones and muscles and improved brain health.

    Healthy diet – making healthy food choices can often be difficult, however, this can be a big part of improving your overall general health. It is recommended to use the food pyramid as a guide for what types and amounts of food you need each day to have a healthy diet.

    Making sleep a priority – During sleep, your body releases hormones that support cell repair and regulate how much energy the body uses. Sleep can also have a positive impact on your weight and mental health. Experts recommend adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.

    Managing stress – If you are hungry or malnourished, it is much more difficult to handle stress. Prioritising your health can be effective to managing your stress levels. While the consequences of a poor diet are cumulative, they become more evident in the long-term.

    A year of health at Cavendish Professionals

    At Cavendish Professionals we believe in prioritising your health and we aim to encourage this throughout our entire organisation. Over the past year we have introduced a number of initiatives to get our team moving.

    Walk, Run, Talk

    Through our Run, Walk, Talk company-wide initiative we wanted to shine a spotlight on the benefits of movement, not only for our physical health but also the importance it has on our mental health.

    All the team got involved alongside family and friends to take on new challenges, whether that was a hike, walk or run. We wanted people taking part to experience the benefits from being active and having a safe space to talk to the people around them. It is very important to allow time to take care of our emotional and physical wellbeing.

    A trip to Repton Boxing Club

    During the summer some of our team members visited Repton Boxing Club. Senior Marketing Executive, Amy Harris spoke to Mike Coveley on the success of the club and how hard work can take you anywhere.

    The team took part in a fitness bootcamp and even stepped into the ring with the professionals. Committing to helping your employees live a healthy life improves both engagement and creativity, whilst boosting company moral.

    Sickle Cell Society

    In February, we had the pleasure of having John James, CEO of the Sickle Cell Society come in to our office on one of our filming days.

    John James spoke to us about the Sickle Cell society, what sickle cell disease is and the effects it can have on someone who is living with this illness. We were also provided with insight into how the Sickle Cell Society is helping those in need.

    Mental Health – Charity golf day

    At Cavendish Professionals we believe in supporting those who are making a real change within the construction industry, supporting those who are a part of our team. Our charity golf day took place to raise money and awareness for two vital charities within the construction industry, Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and Construction Sport.

    We also spoke with a number of key players within the construction industry on how they are tackling mental health within this industry and what can be done to further break the stigma around mental health.