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    How has Software Development grown in Hungary?

    Eastern Europe has become one of the most attractive nearshore software development destinations. It provides a myriad of opportunities for companies that are looking for a remote software development team. There are four main software development methodologies and understanding which approaches a software company uses should be part of your hiring process. The methodologies include agile, waterfall, DevOps, and rapid application. Hungary’s IT skills and services rank among the best in Europe, and with over 150,000 IT professionals saturating the software development market.

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    Intriguingly, there are a number of reasons why Hungary is one of the leading countries in software development, starting with their academic curriculum. With almost 70 educational institutions in the country and approximately 12,000 STEM and engineering graduates entering the job sphere each year, there is an ample number of viable candidates and capable workers. Also, every business owner is looking for mature and qualified software developers who have a wide range of tech skills, can work globally with any client, and ensure the highest level of communication.

    Following this, all students who study in Hungary must pass the IELTS test in order to prove their English language skills because all classes are taught in English. As such, if your company is looking for software engineers who can not only speak English colloquially but also communicate complex technical concepts in English.

    An interesting thought by some Hungarian experts is that the countries antique hardware is responsible for its inventiveness in software, coercing programmers to formulate more creative solutions to either technical problems or capacity issues. Analysts agree that Hungary’s greatest breakthrough has been a remarkable programming language called Prolog, for programming in logic. This is gaining wide favour in the field of artificial intelligence, the process by which computers are programmed to solve problems by choosing among various courses of action.

    Particularly in 2021 and 2022, Hungary is able to offer lower costs for businesses seeking IT and programming services, with many senior developers on average earn $3,400 to $4,600 per month before taxes. Combining this with Hungary’s healthily growing outsourcing market, they are far more able to provide a streamlined and efficient service to their clients whilst adhering to EU regulations and labour rights.

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