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    How have the Life Sciences changed over the years?

    Throughout the years, life sciences has changed the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry dramatically. Underpinning that change is the advancement of technology. Technology has revolutionised the power that life sciences brings to the everyday person’s life.

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    The continual developments of life sciences research and development organisations have the ability to completely change the healthcare industry.

    Currently in the UK, the leading causes of deaths as noted by WHO is said to be from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia’s, Heart Disease, Stroke and most major Cancers. Research and development into the treatment of these diseases has come a long way and biopharmaceutical products has been part of that solution to provide a cure for these major diseases.

    One company that deals with biopharmaceutical products is Abbvie, founded in 2013 which was originally division of Abbots Laboratory.

    Abbvie’s work covers the research and development and treatment of many of the major health issues and their work focuses on the therapeutic areas such as:

    • Immunology
    • Oncology
    • Neuroscience
    • Virology
    • General Medicine

    Richard A Gonzalez the company CEO and Chairman states, the company’s strategy is to deliver innovative medicines and make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. Alongside this they are dedicated to supporting a number of different charities and healthcare institutions, in order to allow for the promotion of better education and practices on a local and national level.

    Technology platforms which Abbvie use to further their research includes the use of antibody drug conjugates, bispecifics and immunotherapies. As the understanding of the human body continues to be investigated, the fight to find cures for diseases is ongoing.

    Constant innovation and development in this field has never been brought to the forefront globally as it has currently. Covid 19 has meant many biopharmaceutical companies have accelerated research into creating a vaccine that will help cease the spread of Coronavirus.

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