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    How to avoid burnout during a pandemic.

    If you are one of the lucky ones that has been able to work at home during the pandemic, then you might think suffering from burnout isn’t possible. You might not be running around, travelling on public transport, or having to drive miles daily, If you have children,  you are no longer running to do the school drop off and pick up, extra curricular activities have stopped. The physical element may no longer exist but during a pandemic, burnout takes on a different look. It has now become a psychological stress. Burnout is feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by work often to the point of disengaging.

    So, here are some ways to help avoid burnout and get you back on track.

    Set yourself time to disengage

    Have a few times in the day where you set some time to yourself and recharge. Take a break from emails, go on a walk. During the day, refresh your mind. Make sure to take a lunch break.

    Change your environment

    A great way to avoid burnout is to walk. If you can, walk around your home, if you are working in the study, or front room, walk to the kitchen or dining room.

    As we are in our homes so much go for a walk outside. Go to your local park, or walk around your block. If you have a bike go for a bike ride, rack up some mileage on the journey whilst keeping fit.

    Stay active

    Keep your body moving and stay active. As the saying goes ‘Active body, active mind’. There are so many workouts you have at your disposal, search YouTube, or there are lots of workout apps you can download and follow workout schedule.

    Use your words

    Changing your mindset and the words and thoughts you have. Changing negative thoughts into a positive can gradually have a change in your moods. Small changes from I’ll try to I will. I can’t to I can. These positive mindsets have an overall change in behaviour.

    Stay in touch with others

    Stay connected with friends and family, now is the time not to disengage. Have regular catch-ups with friends. If you feel you are really struggling there are organisations can help you such as Samaritans, NHS, and speak to your work place many work with organisations that provide support for their staff which is confidential.

    Hopefully these tips will help you and avoid burnout you are feeling.