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    How to be a successful recruiter

    Following on from our top tips on how to be a successful recruiter, here are some more things to learn and take on board to really excel in your recruitment career.

    Know your strengths 


    It is commonly said that to be a recruiter you must be loud, boisterous and social but that is not true at all. The key is having confidence in yourself, and that doesn’t mean you need to be loud and shout about it. Confidence in yourself is knowing that you can make that call, find that one in a million candidate and that most importantly, you can do it.
    One of the beautiful things about recruitment is that there is no set way how to do it, it truly is each to their own. So, playing to your strengths is important to get you ahead of the game. Reflect on yourself and how you are in your everyday life. Are you the one always organising plans with your friends? Do you make the first introduction when meeting new people? Are you always a step ahead with everything because you have done your research? Or are you more relaxed, quiet and reserved?
    Knowing your key strengths is important as every agency has a different environment, so make sure you do your research and pick a company that encourages your way of working, and in turn this will continue to build your inner confidence, making you continue to succeed.

    Take pride in what you do


    Don’t forget that you are changing peoples lives, helping someone get their dream job, offering someone relocation to their dream destination and allowing someone to have a new lease on life.
    Taking pride in what you do as a recruiter and the difference you make to people’s lives is important as it will push you to keep going through the harder days.
    This will also continue to build your confidence, knowing the difference you make and that you can do your job. One of our key tips for when you have had a confidence knock and feel stuck is to look back on what you have done, the candidates you have placed and the challenges you have overcome. If you have done it before you can always do it again.

    Keep learning


    Recruitment is rollercoaster full of ups and down but how you handle these will make a drastic difference in how successful you allow yourself to be.
    We are all human so you will make mistakes, but it’s how you handle and look at these mistakes that will make a difference. Keeping in line with the positive mindset, look at the benefits of making these mistakes, what you have now learnt from making a mistake and how you will now improve from it.
    Every up and down is an opportunity to learn, you can dwell on doing something wrong or you can learn from it and move on. No matter how experienced you are there are still so many opportunities to keep on learning and having the attitude and mindset to allow yourself to keep doing this will make you very successful.

    Never give up


    It’s important to keep yourself motivated and never give up.

    Yes, there will be ups and downs, you will make mistakes, but this is all a learning process and will really pay off in the end. By having a positive mindset and looking at everything as professional growth you will flourish in recruitment and get through the tough times.

    Success is all down to an individual, you can be trained by the best recruiter in the world or be given all the tools to make your job easier but it’s down to you as an individual how you utilise all of this.

    The only person who will stop you from being successful is yourself so time to get into a positive mindset and start learning!