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    How to pass your driving test

    Get to know the likely test route

    One way to help you go in prepared is to familiarise yourself with the test route. It’s not cheating to concentrate your practice on the routes that are most likely to come up on your driving test.

    Practice your manoeuvres

    Take the time to practice, refine and perfect your driving manoeuvres, so that when the examiner is sitting next to you, you’ll really be able to impress and score the extra points you’ll need. Ensure that you’re capable of pulling off each manoeuvre without a single minor fault three times in a row.

    Take driving lessons regularly

    It may be stating the obvious by saying that the more driving lessons you take beforehand, the better! Scheduling your driving lessons as regularly as possible will go a long way in boosting your skill and confidence before the test.

    Keep calm

    You’ve been practising for this moment for ages. One top driving test tip is don’t let negative thinking get the better of you at the last minute. Just keep thinking “I’ve done this a hundred times before” before each manoeuvre, junction, roundabout or any other element of the test that you find challenging.

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