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    How to Start a Career in Construction & Engineering

    The construction and engineering industry in the UK is set to continue to grow. A recent article published by constructionnews.com reported that – construction activity and new orders increased at the fastest rate in more than a year in July alone – this news, coupled with the government pledging to plough £22m to help tackle the skills shortage, this provides the industry with a positive outlook for the UK economy.


    Top 6 reasons for entering and developing within construction

    At Cavendish Professionals we are recruiting specialists within this industry. With over 30+ years’ experience of working with many major construction and engineering firms both in the UK and internationally, we understand what companies are looking for when hiring for a project. Therefore, if you are looking for a career change or want to progress your current experience and skills set within the market place now is the time to take advantage of the current growing climate.


    Our construction and engineering recruitment team have put together a list of reasons why a career in construction is one to consider and how it can be a successful career for you.

    • Broad range of different specialisms – The construction and engineering market has a broad range of roles. The jobs range from being technical such as an Architect or Quantity Surveyor, to more creative roles such as; a Wood Machinist, to a Joiner. The possible career paths in the sector are so varied, people tend to specialise in different areas and take extra training in their chosen field.


    • The financial gains can be rewarding – Construction and Engineering professionals are paid well.  The progression path for many are very transparent and as a result the more senior, the higher pay bracket.  Due to the skills shortage demand is high resulting in higher pay offerings.


    • Earn whilst you learn – With the government investment, many firms are willing to provide apprenticeship programmes, therefore you have the ability to earn whilst you learn. Unlike other career options where you need to take a sizeable loan to cover your education, construction allows you the ability to take either short courses or learn whilst on the job.


    • Job security – There are jobs. The current shortage means there will always be firms hiring. The demand over the years is increasing and sees no signs of slowing down.


    • Start up your own business – In this industry, it is not uncommon to be self-employed. Many engineers or construction workers work on a project by project basis, this gives you the opportunity to choose when, where and for how long you work. A great way to have a work/life balance.


    • Never boring, never stands still – If you’re not a ‘9am-5pm’ working in an office type, this career option could be perfect for you. Imagine working in an environment where no two days are the same.  The construction and engineering industry is always evolving, with technological advancements happening all the time, you are constantly learning and adapting. You will never stand still, and neither will your career.


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