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    Introducing “Technology Insights”

    We have now launched our new podcast, ‘Technology Insights”. In this podcast our team of experts bring you the latest updates within the technology industry, and give their view on what to look forward to in the coming months. Our technology division’s aim is to provide an outstanding service with every interaction and provide the very best support and build strong relationships with all clients and candidates. This podcast allows our team to connect with the technology industry on a more personal level and gives insight into how we want to ensure we provide the best career options for our candidates.

    Software Development Jobs

    Recruiting in the European Freelance Market

    In the first episode of our Technology Insights podcast, the team discusses changes they have seen recruiting within the European Freelance market post-pandemic. The team explains how they have seen a big shift in the mindset of their clients and the companies recruiting. Many companies are not situated in the most ideal locations, therefore it leaves them seeking their employees to relocate, however, the pandemic has now allowed a much more flexible working landscape. Corporations are now much more open to remote work. The majority of our clients currently, do not seek their employees to remain working onsite. 

    Candidates moving from permanent to contract positions

    Moving on to episode two, Evgenia, Adrian and Selase, discuss the movement of candidates from permanent to contract positions in the European Freelance market. They explain how clients are now seeking flexibility when applying for new jobs and how there has been a huge increase in the demand for freelance developers all across Europe. Adrian explains how a number of our full time employees have now moved into contracting positions, allowing them to expand on their portfolios. This new-found flexibility provides more experience and opportunity for our clients to explore and develop their skills.

    Pros and Cons of working in the Freelance Market

    Working within the freelance market, there are many benefits that are extremely attractive to many developers, however, there is very little talk about the negatives. In episode 3 of our new Tech Insights podcast, the team break down both, the pros and cons of working within the freelance market. Our consultants discuss how different developers have different priorities when it comes to their work and how this plays a huge role in the decision of whether to freelance or not. Working within the freelance market, developers have the greater opportunity to increase their salary, however it comes with a certain amount of risk. Some candidates prefer to have security when it comes to their job.

    Considerations when entering the freelance market

    In Episode 4, the team discuss the key criteria candidates need to consider when entering the European freelance market. As remote working continues to remain unchanged in many parts of the world, it is easy to comprehend why there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of freelancing as a career path. Adrian, Selase and Evgenia discuss the flexibility when freelance developing and how some candidates are not always familiar with this form of work. Freelance developing can often be a difficult field, sometimes work is not always guaranteed, however, our experts discuss how they help with this, securing new work placements for candidates.

    Testing as part of the recruitment process

    As the conversation continues in episode 5, Adrian highlights the lengthy process that can come with applying for a software developer position. In 2022, clients are not only reviewing candidates’ technical capabilities but also their personality and ability to fit in with the current team they have in place. Some companies have four to five stages with job applications. The team discuss the difference with applying for a short and long term role. It is extremely important for them to know how many stages are in place and what these interviews will consist of.

    Evgenia Zhovnurak

    Evgenia joined Cavendish Professionals in 2009 as and Accounts Manager. Since then, she has worked her way up to Principal consultant within the Technology sector. Evgenia leads teams across SAP, MS Dynamics and Software Development markets across Western and Eastern Europe. 

    “With over 12 years’ recruitment experience, I have great comprehension of trends within the market. I genuinely enjoy helping people achieve their goals and providing a valuable service. Over the years, I’ve built up a broad network of contacts and have successfully recruited for numerous positions globally.”

    Outside of work, Evgenia enjoys travelling the world and is a self confessed watch enthusiast.  

    Adrian Duffy

    Adrian Duffy, Head of Software Development, has over 10 years’ experience within Talent Acquisition. Adrian is  currently working within the Technology sector, with a focus on Software Development across Western & Eastern Europe. He is also responsible for developing our client and candidate base, partnering with start-ups, consultancies and end-users to support their growth. Prior to this, Adrian was responsible for setting up the Technical Division in 2011, he worked in the capacity of lead Account Manager before becoming the Technical & Finance Division Manager. Adrain endeavours to offer a direct, supportive and consultative approach towards recruitment. He never looses sight of the impact an international move can have on a family, or someone’s personal life. He is constantly developing his expertise in relocation and mobilisation to ensure that candidates and clients alike can benefit from a comprehensive service.

    The Process

    It often can go unnoticed, the work and production that goes on behind the scenes to make a podcast like this a success. Thankfully, at Cavendish Professionals, we have an extremely hardworking marketing team that bring these ideas to life. Our Senior Marketing Executive, Amy Harris, has been responsible for the organisation of this production, both preparing the content and directing the filming on the day. Working alongside side K.OS Visuals we were able to bring our ideas to life. 

    At Cavendish Professionals, we are technology specialists that offer a flexible recruitment model that can assist with permanent, contract and temp-to-perm placements. Our strength is us, understanding your requirements, embedding ourselves in the industry and creating strong long-term relationships with both clients and candidates to find the right person for your organisation. Get in contact with us today and see how we can assist in your recruitment search.