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    Is SAP still the future it promises to be?

    Looking back, SAP has been through a lot of changes over the years, and yet has still managed to remain a leading software in the marketplace. Looking forward though, will SAP remain at the forefront of ERP? In many ways, it would seem so.

    There is no doubt that SAP has been openly professing its allegiance to the cloud for the last half of a decade, however the changes that were made internally which had been announced last year had made the strategy remarkably sustainable, both economically and technically. Ultimately, SAP software is subject to continual change much like any other form of software or technology. The company itself has famously introduced new concepts and modules into its ERP platform on a regular basis. In many ways this is a good foundation for both the SAP Company and SAP Consultants to expand their influence. In terms of acquisitions, there are a variety of directions that SAP could go. SAP had previously made headway with the acquisition of SuccessFactors, Concur and Ariba.

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    There’s no doubt that it had started with the possibly one of the most important changes, the refactoring of the HANA database in order to separate the storage from the compute. With that having been the first step that a database platform needed to take to manipulate and utilise the clouds elasticity and scale. This in turn permitted increased flexibility, simultaneously in the method of price of access and deployment of applications.

    With regard to AI and ML, these were where intelligence of data needed to be up front and first priority. Now while SAP is still making progress in these spaces, in some areas it had fallen behind by the approach of repeatedly pitching analytics and data integration. SAP is arguably in a prime position to be able to leverage analytics effectively alongside RPA and other more advanced functions, just like AI and ML. Within the SAP ecosystem, both AI and ML would be able to help differentiate the method in which they are advancing their respective customer’s businesses.

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