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    Looking back on Microsoft Dynamics

    Most Microsoft Dynamics users would support the idea that Dynamics has always been linked to Microsoft. This is often due to the iconic branding, however this is not necessarily the case, as the recognisable and well-known products that historically make up the Dynamics family were actually not originally associated with Microsoft, but much rather formulated over time to become the foundations of Microsoft’s Business Solutions division.


    The Dynamics Software had in fact originated as a culmination of different ideas, constructs and advancements made by various software businesses across the US and Atlantic Ocean. Each of these businesses had their own self-sufficient programmes and applications worked well in their own right. During the early 1980’s and on to the late 1990’s, one company – TLB Inc. – begun working on their software before being re-branded into Solomon Software. Solomon Software was then acquired by Great Plains and after changing hands several more times before finally being bought out by Microsoft in 2001.


    At this point at the start of the 2000’s, Microsoft had developed and released the first ever iterations of the applications as Microsoft branded products. Moving on to 2006 the re-branding went another step forward, by changing the name of each of the software’s:


    • Microsoft Business Solutions became Microsoft Dynamics.
    • Axapta was now Dynamics AX
    • Navision became Dynamics NAV
    • Microsoft CRM became Dynamics CRM.
    • Solomon was Dynamics SL
    • Great Plains was Dynamics GP


    A few years on, the new and updated editions of the Dynamics-branded programmes of the Business Solutions Division were introduced, with Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX utilising these updates around 2005-2006.


    After the monumental release of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft divulged the next phase in the progression of its business solutions; Dynamics 365. By combining CRM and various ERP apps together with brand new and efficient features as well as a new licensing model, Dynamics 365 was designed to introduce and facilitate a level of intuition and mobility that would outshine any similar applications that preceded it.


    As of last year, NAV 2018 was the final iteration of NAV to carry the Navision moniker; with all future releases being known simply as Dynamics 365, regardless of whether they are on-premise or cloud-based.


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