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    Mental Health Day – Help Guidelines

    What is Mental Health

    Good health doesn’t just mean good physical health, it also means you have good emotional health or well-being. Good mental health is being able to cope with everyday life, participate fully at your place of work, community, friendship and family life.

    We can all feel down, stressed, scared and frightened sometimes, but those feeling normally passes, however, if you feel like this for an extended amount of time, its important to talk to someone.

    Life does have its ups and downs because no two days are exactly the same, your feelings thoughts and emotions will react differently at different times and in different situations but if you feel a constant weight on your mind…Seek help.

    Possible warning signs

    • Confused thinking
    • Prolonged depression
    • Excessive fears, worries and anxieties
    • Social withdrawal
    • Negative thoughts
    • Dramatic changes in your eating or sleeping habits

    These are just a few symptoms that could indicate your mental health is suffering, contact your GP or helplines and listening services

    How you can help someone else

    We all play a part in helping each other, whether it be our neighbours, friends, colleagues, or family one simple question can help – how are you? – Taking the time to listen and help can make the world of difference. Sometimes you might need assistance when helping someone suffering from a mental health issue so speak to someone or refer them to one of the many helplines, you can visit the NHS UK website and research th many different help centres available.

    You are not alone and someone out there CAN HELP.