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    Morgan Sindall Construction and Community

    Morgan Sindall Construction has made it’s way into the top 3 construction companies in the UK. This spotlight delves into the core attributes that make Morgan Sindall not just a company but a transformative force in the construction sector, uncovering how Morgan Sindall are making waves in 3 specific areas; commitment to innovation, nurturing talent, and uplifting communities.

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    Innovation at the Forefront

    Innovation is the cornerstone of Morgan Sindall’s ethos. The company’s approach to innovation is holistic, seeking imaginative ways to reinvent business and industry practices. Morgan Sindall partnered with Nottingham Trent University collaborating to run an Innovation Driven Procurement Programme. The programme has been created to drive innovation in small construction companies.

    In addition Morgan Sindall have an Open Innovation program (very similar to Matthew Syed Black Box Thinking). The program is based on a growth mindset, it encourages collaboration with organisations (regardless of industry) to come together and find inspiration in partnerships. The company want to foster an environment in their organisations that builds better future cities for all. The search for partnerships are not only specific to construction but reach out to various sectors, including AI, big data, robotics, and prefabrication. This initiative is not just about adopting new technologies but also about creating a culture where innovation thrives, encouraging ideas from employees, start-ups, and even competitors.

    People: The Heart of Morgan Sindall

    Let’s take a look at Morgan Sindall’s people pledge which follows on nicely from our innovation summary.  In 2023, Morgan Sindall were recognised for the inclusion and diversity, members of the Infrastructure team were recognised for their work and given 2 Highly Commended recognitions at the Women In Nuclear (WiN) Awards. This award highlights Morgan Sindall’s dedication to ensure inclusion, diversity and gender balance across the nuclear sector. Recipients of the Highly Commended Recognition Award, Claire Morfoot (SHEQS Manager) and Jude Ball are incredibly proud of the award and believe that it can be a driver to encourage more inclusivity in construction and nuclear working environments.

    The organisation in November 2022 was awarded Investors in People Platinum award and in addition October 2023 received the ‘We invest in Wellbeing Gold Award’. The award goes that extra step and highlights they have a Wellbeing Strategy in place and it is successful in supporting their staff. The program ensures that staff have dedicated spaces where staff can work and socialise and everyone understands and supports each other’s mental health.

    Community: The Extended Family

    Morgan Sindall’s commitment extends beyond construction sites and into the heart of communities. Their social value strategy aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on protecting people, improving the environment, and enhancing communities. From partnering with local charities like Switch Up Morgan Sindall’s community initiatives are diverse and impactful.


    Morgan Sindall Construction Company is more than a construction firm; it’s a hub of innovation, a nurturing ground for talent, and a pillar of community support. Its multifaceted approach to business reflects a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of people, technology, and society. As Morgan Sindall continues to build not just structures but also futures, it remains a shining example of what it means to be a modern, responsible, and forward-thinking construction company.

    Image sourced PBC Today