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    Multiplex Construction Europe: Pioneering Innovation

    We are continuing to look at construction companies in the UK market that are not only leading the way in construction, but are also taking responsibility to advance the industry. Mutilplex Construction Europe was listed on Construction Enquirer’s Top 100 Contractors in the UK. As a result, we delved into their projects to see how they are contributing to construction through innovation, communities and people.

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    Multiplex Construction Europe stands as one of the top construction companies in the UK, Multiplex’s innovative projects transforms skylines, creating iconic structures. The company’s commitment to excellence is clear from their portfolio of complex and challenging construction builds. The structures they have created, particularly in London, have contributed significantly to the city’s architectural landscape.

    Innovation at the Core

    Multiplex Construction Europe has embraced cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to push the boundaries in construction. The company’s deployment of AI-based technology, Qflow, in Scotland, made a huge step forward in paperless workflow. The process took advantage of digitising paper delivery records and rapidly identifying all impacts associated with deliveries. The paperless innovative approach makes the operation process more efficient. However, it also demonstrates Multiplex’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. Overall, showing there are ways to move towards a more sustainable future.

    People: The Foundation of Success

    Multiplex is no different than any other organisation, people are the cornerstone of every project. The company fosters a culture that encourages people to thrive. Implementing a Mental Health Strategy, and training staff as Mental Health First Aiders. The strategy ensures employees are provided with support when they need it. The aim, creating an environment that fosters conversation, so all staff can talk freely with each other.

    Multiplex’s career programs are designed to outperform, ensuring that team members are equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. The company’s global business model integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Multiplex is not just constructing buildings, but also a better future for its workforce. Multiplex have created a graduate programme that offers students multiple opportunities in Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Digital, Sustainability, Mechanical and Electrical (M&E), and Design. The variety of their program evidences the vastness available within construction.

    Building More Than Structures

    Multiplex Construction Europe’s influence extends beyond construction sites, trying to make an impact in the community. Projects like the Neurodiverse Work Experience Programme run by Considerate Construction Scheme for their Best Practice Hub, in partnership with UK charity ThinkForward, highlight Multiplex’s dedication to inclusivity and support for individuals with additional learning needs. Globally employees are volunteering their time to support their environment and communities.

    London’s Architectural Marvels:

    Multiplex’s contribution to London’s skyline is fantastic. The company has been key in the build of One Nine Elms development, which includes two of the tallest residential towers in Europe, and the prestigious 22 Bishopsgate project, redefining the cluster of skyscrapers in the City of London. These projects not only showcase Multiplex’s construction expertise but also its ability to deliver high-value, iconic landmarks that enhance the urban environment.

    In conclusion, you can see why Multiplex Construction Europe’s has been chosen as one of our company spotlights for their dedication to innovation, its people, and the communities. Its projects not only in London but globally continue to set standards for excellence, sustainability, and community engagement, making Multiplex a name synonymous with quality and integrity in the world of construction.

    Image sourced Multiplex Construction Europe