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    Need to Accelerate a Construction Project?

    Recently we have seen a few construction projects that were due for completion in 2018, however, due to a variety of different reasons the projects ran into serious delays impacting the completion deadlines.

    For many construction projects changing timelines due to workforce, weather, costs, etc is not new but it does cause problems. Each project is planned right down to the wire, ensuring areas for possible slippage in the completion of tasks are accounted for, and if this does arise the deadlines have minimal impact. Nevertheless, there are instances where delayed projects are inevitable, and you are asked to accelerate a project, here are some ways in which you could achieve the new deadline.

    Materials used

    Using alternative construction methods, that will provide the same outcome at a quicker rate.

    • Cement concrete with admixtures – using a premixed concrete can help. More information available
    • Rapid setting concrete
    • Roller compacted concrete
    • Precast concrete

    Modular construction / Off-site substructure construction

    This area of the construction industry is gaining in popularity. The industry is evolving all the time and with the advancements in technology within the industry it is something which more and more companies cannot ignore in order to remain competitive, from a health and safety point of view and with the growing popularity of being environmentally conscious, it has become an option that construction firms are taking seriously.

    Increase of staff

    Additional staff in one of the most popular areas in accelerating a project

    • Working overtime or implementing a new shift pattern
    • Adding new shifts.
    • Providing additional labour

    Creative Construction Methods

    This is where your creativity and innovation come in to play. Technology has really made an impact in the construction industry finding alternative ways to help the more traditional technique; the use of self-healing concrete, thermal bridging, photovoltaic glaze, kinetic footfall…read Raconteur article regarding the most innovative construction advancements.

    Re-arranging activities

    This maybe the one of the first areas investigated, but we must bear in mind how this will affect the overall project. When a project is created the order of activities is considered, therefore changing the order will mean considerable analysis and should not be entered into lightly. Overhead and permits, equipment and tools, workforce, ordering of materials etc all needs to be considered along with the costs associated to the changes.

    Changing the design or specification

    Reducing the scope of the works (for example transferring responsibility for some works from the contractor to the client). Alternatively, some areas can be completed post initial construction.

    If the scope of any project needs to be changed it is advisable to ensure you have a new agreement is drawn up. You want to make sure the additional costs that may occur are covered and it is clear who is responsible for those costs and any repercussions if the date is delayed.

    Good Luck!