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5 Myths About Recruiters - Debunked!

Heard some negative press that makes you wary of using a recruitment agency? Don't worry! We asked our consultants to put together a list of the most common myths they've heard about recruiters... and they've debunked them too!

All they do is send CVs and generate invoices.
Not true. It takes a wide range of skills to become a successful recruiter. Simply sending a CV across to the client is just the start of a process that can take weeks or months to complete, with no invoices in sight! 

They take a percentage of the candidate’s salary. 
Never! It is in a recruiter’s interest to negotiate the best possible salary package for their candidates. It costs absolutely nothing for a candidate to find a job through a recruitment agency. The recruiter gets paid by the client for finding them a candidate who is a perfect fit for their company. 

Recruitment is easy and anyone can do it.
No, it isn’t. This industry is fast-paced and competitive. Recruiters need to be ambitious, driven, organised, efficient and have excellent listening skills. Great recruiters are usually in high demand because they have a blend of these diverse skills and utilise them to get the best results for both client and candidate.  

They only find CVs on databases and send them to their clients.
Wishful thinking! Finding a great CV on a database would be an ideal case scenario for any recruiter. Unfortunately, many roles can be hard to fill, which means that they have to actively search high and low through a wide range of sources to find that perfect candidate.

We don’t care about individuals; we are all about the money.
Wrong. Everyone wants to get paid for doing their job, recruiters are no different. However, each individual candidate is extremely important to them. There is no point placing someone that will be unhappy and quit after one week. If the candidates and clients are happy, the recruiters are too!

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