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60 Seconds With...Leanne Talbot

We would like to welcome our newest member of the Cavendish Professionals team, Leanne Talbot. Leanne joins us as an Associate Consultant within the Technology Division. In the usual Cavendish Professionals style we sat down with Leanne for her quick fire 60 seconds questions. Get to know her and have a read below. 

My alarm goes 5.45 but it takes about 6 more for me actually to get up out of bed at 6.20.

I am responsible for... in short headhunting candidates. However I like to think of it as helping people find their dream job and companies finding their dream hire. I focus on IT roles, in particular headhunting software development individuals and placing them into new roles whether it be in the UK or internationally.

I got my job... via LinkedIn.

My typical day... involves me constantly checking my social media especially Instagram, but also calling candidates, using LinkedIn and emails.

My top 3 hobbies... are driving everywhere, going to all the Brick Lane markets and events and watching musicals - Bat Out Of Hell - is my favourite!

My favourite a Roast dinner I LOVE roast potatoes (potatoes in general).

My favourite movie's impossible to choose (as a past cinema employee) but, I will say I’m a massive fan of the film awards season...absolutely amazing! However, I do love a cringy musical I saw Mamma Mia 2, 6 times!!

My favourite travel Thailand, I was there for 3 weeks earlier this year and fell in love, especially Koh Phi Phi, it’s stunning.

The best part of my job... is doing something I really enjoy and that makes me happy, I also get a kick out of knowing I’m helping people.

After work...I am usually out with friends, travelling the world, going to fun events around London and watching musicals.
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