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    Women of the Future: Is Tech on their Radar?

    Join us at our next tech event in Krakow!

    Women of the Future: Is Tech on their Radar?

    Date: Thursday 21st March

    Time: 18:00 pm

    Location: Techie Space – Na Zje┼║dzie 11 street, 30-527 Krakow

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    This is an English speaking event.

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      Encouraging women to pursue careers in tech isn’t just about achieving gender equality; it’s about unlocking the full potential of society and driving the industry forward.

      The tech industry is a fast-paced hub of innovation that is continuously progressing at a faster rate than many can keep up. Despite this constant innovation we have made in recent years, there remains a significant gender gap in the tech industry.

      How do we ensure that the next generation of women have tech on their radar?

      We want to empower every generation of women into the technology industry. Join us for an exploration into the intersection of women in technology, and ways to encourage more participation in the future. We want to hear from YOU, your experience, your opinion, and help you become thought leaders to start conversations that can make a difference.

      Our panel of guest speakers will explore topics such as the history of women within the tech industry and the stereotypes they have and still face. They will also provide insight and advice for girls and women looking to get into the tech industry and the importance of upskilling.

      Getting into the technology Industry

      What is the impact of history, industry stereotype, education women in the tech industry?

      Perhaps most importantly, encouraging women to pursue careers in tech is about empowering future generations of girls and young women. Join Marta Le, Junior Software Engineer as she leads a panel discussion about women getting into the tech industry whilst sharing her own personal experience.

      Upskilling in the Industry

      To succeed and rise in the dynamic tech industry, women must continuously upskill and reskill themselves with new competencies and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

      Join Oleksandra Biskulova, as she shares insight in our panel discussion about why it is so important to upskill in the everchanging industry and ways that you can do this.

      Why you should attend:

      Panel Discussions: Engage with thought leaders, industry experts, and trailblazing women who are navigating growth, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping industries through technology.

      Keynote Addresses: Gain inspiration from keynote speakers who will share their personal journeys, triumphs, and the importance of women’s participation in the tech space.

      Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and forge meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.

      Who should attend:

      • Women in tech looking to advance their careers and make an impact.
      • Professionals interested in learning about the evolving role of women in technology.
      • Entrepreneurs and innovators seeking inspiration and insights for their ventures.
      • Students aspiring to pursue careers in STEM fields.

      Meet our Speakers

      Marta Le

      Guest Speaker – Junior Software Engineer

      Oleksandra Biskulova

      Guest Speaker – Senior iOS/macOS Engineer, Team Lead

      Adrian Duffy

      Guest Speaker – Head of Technology

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      Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the future at our tech event in Krakow. Join us for a day of inspiration, innovation, and connection. See you there!