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    Part 1: Top Tips for improving your Mental Health

    Looking after our mental health is not something we should just do if we are feeling low, anxious or stressed. It’s something we should think about all the time, just like with our physical health. Good mental health allows us to be positive, sleep well and maintain good relationships with our friends and families. There are lots of things we can do to improve our mental health, here are our top tips to get started.

    Be present

    Give yourself time to feel present and realise how you are feeling. This will allows you to gain a better perspective and understand these feelings. Being mindful and meditating also allows you to be present and feel calm.

    Sleep sleep sleep

    Good quality sleep can not only make us feel physically better but also improve our mental health. Trying to get on with your stressful day whilst feeling tired can make you feel worse and even negative about what you are doing. Avoiding screen time before bed can help you get to sleep easier.


    Talking to someone like a friend or family member about how we are feeling can help your from feeling alone in your problems. You can connect and have conversations online, in person or over the phone.  

    Healthy Life

    Being active and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle can help improve your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins which can make your feel happier and give you more energy for the day ahead. Spending time outdoors ensuring you have time to get some fresh air allows you to clear your head and refocus. Remove bad habits from your life such as excessive alcohol and smoking.

    You are important

    Take some times for yourself. Relax and enjoy catching up on some sleep or watching a Netflix series. Take some time for your hobby or start learning something new. Whatever makes your happy is worth your time.


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