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    PCE Ltd – The Construction Innovation Hub

    In order to meet government infrastructure targets, the construction industry needs to be innovative in its approach to building and restoration projects. The government agenda on sustainable construction is gathering more and more interest and serious considerations needs to be taken into account with projects regarding the environment, quality, costs, health and safety, and overall running costs of the build post-construction. Creating a sustainable and more productive build is of utmost importance, hence the introduction of The Construction Innovation Hub.

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    The Construction Innovation Hub’s mission is to be a catalyst for transforming the UK Construction Industry through manufacturing technologies and digital ways of working to increase productivity and asset performance. According to The UK Construction Innovation Hub – the construction industry represents 9% of GDP and employs around 10% of the UK workforce – showing that the construction industry is paramount to any development and survival of the UK economy.

    The Construction Innovation Hub engaged on a programme named – Platform Design Programme-that will encourage business and stakeholders to use in future projects. The programme encourages a predefined ‘kit of parts’ which are proven to have a greater whole life value, lower carbon and energy use, better safety and quality of the overall performance of buildings.

    For this project The Construction Innovation Hub chose a selection of construction firms with PCE Ltd being one of the chosen companies to lead the programme alongside large construction companies such as Skanska, Kier/Vinci Construction UK, Mace, Mott MacDonald, MID Group and BAM. There is also a wider collaborative group of over forty business within the entire project. 

    This initiative is ever more important now than ever, especially with the government investment of £5bn, with new projects on the horizon; new homes, schools, hospitals, prisons and road projects. Including investment to local areas from parks, to high streets and transport services. All these projects require an innovative approach. Which is where PCE’s use of digital design, off site manufacturing and HybriDfMA approach is imperative. PCE are also known for their use of their PreFastcore, GT Flooring Solution and SlingSafe innovation. All these will no doubt feature in future builds in the UK.

    PCE’s Managing Director Nickie Brown has commented “Being a significant partner in The Construction Innovation Hub is extremely important to us. The company has always been keen to innovate new ideas and put them into practice for nearly 50 years since it was formed in 1973. Now in the changing, and sometimes challenging, world we are in today PCE intends to continue to be at the forefront of Innovation going forward, collaborating and developing better solutions with improved benefits concerning costs, environment, Health and Safety and all the other aspects that ensure success and that will result in significant advantages for the construction industry and its clients.”

    PCE Ltd – Sustainability Pledge