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    Powerday strives for sustainability

    Diverting waste from landfill is a priority for the UK, being able to reduce, reuse and recycle helps to cut down landfill waste in turn minimising both the economic and environmental impact.  

    We spoke with Anthony Davitt, Sales Director at Powerday to understand their recycling facility in Willesden and how the work at this plant highlights the bigger picture of their business ethos of recycling waste.

    Powerday shed

    Landfill Alternative

    At Powerday’s Willesden plant they specialise in landfill diversion, meaning 100% of all the construction and demolition waste that comes to the site is recycled. The investment that Powerday has made has meant that they have the technology, equipment and expertise enabling them to process and produce recyclable materials or renewable fuel. 

    Renewable fuel continues to gain popularity as the UK look for a sustainable way of living. The fact that renewable fuel has a low contribution to the carbon cycle and in some instance lower than greenhouse gases, it is seen as a much more sustainable option. 

    Powerday’s goal is to recycle as much waste as possible. Once the waste has gone through a waste separation process, the non-recyclable materials are sent through to the next stage – Refuse-Defined-Fuel (RDF) – a route that means various types of non-recyclable waste is treated in a highly specialised way and reused as fuel to assist in powering the energy industry in its different forms; heat, electricity or gas. 

    For Powerday RDF means that waste isn’t subjected to landfill and instead is put to good use. The RDF process at Powerday is extremely thorough, the emission clean-up phase is top priority, to ensure the environment is not harmed by the fumes from the burning process.

    The works at Powerday have not gone un-noticed, they have recently received recognition as being announced as a ‘Date Mover’ in relation to the impact they are making on the Global Footprint. 

    Powerday recycling

    Powerday’s Vice Chairman, Edward Crossan, added: “We’ve joined the #MoveTheDate movement and are striving to make the waste management industry as sustainable as possible. We do that by providing market-leading services, promoting sustainable waste transportation and delivering on a commitment to divert 100% of the waste entering our sites from landfill. Our state-of-the-art facilities are helping to recycle more construction and demolition waste than ever before, with the residuals all being converted to renewable fuels.” 

    Continuing to Innovate

    Investment in technology, knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest developments are important to the senior team at Powerday as they continue to further their contribution in creating an efficient and high-quality service from waste to energy. 

    The amount of RDF being used and exported within Europe is on the rise and proves to be a more environmentally beneficial use of landfill waste, and Powerday’s efforts will continue to be part of that change in creating a cleaner more sustainable UK. 

    The UK Government pledge to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 and 75% of electricity sources to come from clean energy sources means we all have to play our part in being green. Powerday take their role seriously and want to work with organisations to help aide the management of their waste removal. They have 5 sites across London, however work across the UK.

    If you have any questions regarding waste disposal, transportation get in touch with Anthony directly today at Anthony.Davitt@Powerday.co.uk