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    Powerday – Waste & Recycling Specialists

    As the climate change issue continues to rise and is high on the government agenda, it is apparent that all levels within the construction industry supply chain need to take action. Over the next few weeks we will be speaking to our client Powerday to discuss their part in the sustainable construction strategy, delving into what and how they contribute to the important sustainable construction agenda. We also will have a look at their work in the community, delivered through the Powerday Foundation and Powerday Academy, which is now just as important to the company as their waste management services. In 2018/19 they delivered an astonishing £9.2m of social value while their team also volunteered 2,200 hours to support community facilities and initiatives.  

    Powerday and their work

    Powerday are a highly reputable waste management organisation that have been within the industry since 1977, covering the entire UK, headquartered in London. 

    Powerday offer their clients a sustainable waste management solution and ensure 100% diversion from landfill. Powerday are so innovative that they can use road, water and rail in the UK to collect, distribute and manage both commercial and household waste. A topic which we will look further into over the next few weeks. 

    Edward Crossan, Vice-chairman of Powerday ‘’With ever rising fuel costs, gridlock on London’s road and growing concern about the level of air pollution in the Capital, we want to utilise our capabilities of waste by water and rail. Our unique access points, PAS 402 approved reporting combined with the knowledge that every £1 customers spent with us in 2018/19, 17p went to the wider community. Choosing Powerday to manage your waste is the only responsible choice for the environment, the community and your site’’

    Government targets

    The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reported in their February 2018 edition of UK Statistic on Waste in 2014 the UK generated 202.8 million tonnes of waste. Construction, demolition and excavation was responsible for 59% of that number. By 2020 government targets were set to ensure that 95% construction waste is recycled.

    The government’s ambition regarding new resources and waste strategy seeks to focus on a more natural world. The move towards, reduce, reuse, and recycle with the aim to minimise waste and cut emissions to help create a cleaner greener and healthier world. 

    This strategy is at the heart of Powerday’s business model, the work they do is about handling waste in a sustainable way. They cover – Construction Waste – from general debris waste, through to brick and block waste, Commercial and Household skip hire, Hazardous waste , fly tipping clearance for both private landowners and local authorities. Powerday offer a comprehensive waste management service from commercial waste, personal household waste right through to waste from construction sites.

    The UK construction industry is the largest user of natural resources producing 400 million tonnes of waste and 25 million tonnes goes to landfill, the concern is reducing this number dramatically, and the London Mayor agenda to recycle up to 90% of Construction, Excavation and Demolition waste is a target which construction sites need to be aware of in London.

    Obviously for Powerday the crucial discussion with their clients needs to happen at the beginning of the project, being consulted at the initial stage allows them to advise and plan the best way to reduce waste and recycle efficiently. The collaboration with construction companies and being part of the build process can hep reduce the waste that is sent to landfill achieving government targets. 

    As a result, when you appoint Powerday to manage your waste, they provide you with an account manager who understands the challenges of managing waste on a busy construction site. Your account manager is supported by an office-based team who are always ready to deal with your enquiry or order via their own bespoke app and online portal.

    Anthony Davitt, Sales Director of Powerday ‘’We will deal with your waste safely, efficiently and compliantly whilst working with you to improve your approach to waste management, deliver your sustainability targets and reduce your waste costs. Sustainability is extremely important to us here at Powerday and we show that by ensuring 100% of construction waste is recycled or used to create renewable fuels, this allows us to say confidently that we divert 100% of waste away from landfill. “

    Powerday’s work is such a vital part in the sustainable construction debate and their mission from the top down resonates with everything they do. As we talk to Powerday over the coming weeks we will see and understand how the recycling and management service that Powerday offer is vital in the climate change discussion.