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    Quantum goes mainstream

    Quantum computing is something you may not be familiar with or the extent of its progression over the past 12 months, but hands down it is one infrastructure that has seen unprecedented growth in 2021. Quantum computing has played a major role in the fight against coivd-19, with its aim being to manage the spread of the disease with the use of technologies available. In addition, it has also played a major role in the development of possible vaccinations. With that said, this framework would not have itself such recognition without the support of many companies, with some of these including; Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS (Amazon web services and IonQ. There is certainty that other industries will discover the power of Quantum computing and the possibilities it offers.

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    What is Quantum Computing?

    Quantum computing’s main ability is to easily monitor, query, analyse and act on data at a large scale. This is possible from any source at any time. The partnerships that we have mentioned above are bringing Quantum computing closer together, allowing applications to run much more smoothly in different computing environments. Although it has a long way to go, these companies are allowing it to be adopted worldwide.

    This technology works on the bases of quantum mechanics, the physics of sub-atomic particles, these also include quantum entanglement and quantum superposition. Quantum computing sounds and is difficult to understand but the truth is, you don’t need to know exactly what it is, to use it or benefit from it. The most simplistic form for our understanding is the smartphone. A mobile phones semiconductor uses quantum physics and computing to function. Quantum technology also aims to make use of the phenomena of quantum physics to make completely new things possible.

    Where does the future of Quantum computing lie?

    Quantum technology promises new and exciting ideas for the future, with a range of developments happening every day. Some of these improvements include more secure communications and powerful computing. Aspects of technology such as Hybrid Cloud and Cybersecurity benefit from Quantum computing, so we see organisations investing in this new and exciting advancement. The future of Quantum computing lies in the hands of its investors, there is uncertainty, but there is no questioning the opportunity it offers for businesses.

    One major target that companies are currently striving for is ‘quantum supremacy’, when a quantum computer performs a calculation that no classical computer can perform in a reasonable amount of time. Google claimed they had succeeded in quantum supremacy, in October 2019, however; this claim was disputed.

    How can businesses invest in Quantum technology?

    Over the past 6 years, our UK government has invested around £400million to develop Quantum technology, in the hopes of making the UK world leaders in the field. Improvements have been made in its capability, where university hubs received money to produce exciting developments; however, there has been little return on these projects but there is hope for this technology to remain mainstream.

    There is a demand for businesses to effectively invest in quantum technology. With endless ¬possibilities, organisations can invest by working with university hubs and business-orientated companies with the know-how on technology to incorporate and benefit from Quantum. Experts believe that Quantum technology promises something unique and life changing. There is question on its “practicality”, but there’s hope for something game changing.

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