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    Relocation Tips When Moving to Czechia

    When the excitement of moving to Czechia has passed, you are sure to want to start preparing for your relocation. To help you get ready, we’ve shared some top relocation tips when moving to Czechia so that you can head off with confidence!

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    Check Your Employment Information

    Choosing to move abroad is a big step and finding genuine employment opportunities can be difficult when you are looking remotely. However, at Cavendish Professionals, we work with companies across Czechia to find some of the best-paid opportunities so that you can move with confidence.

    All you need to do is arrange an informal chat with one of our team to discuss your needs and then let us get to work. With so many different opportunities available, you can be sure that you’ll land the job you want!

    Get Your Visa Organised in Advance

    Working in a foreign country typically requires an approved visa that you will need to have in place before you travel. There are several different visa options for Czechia including:
    A Schengen or Short Term Visa – which is valid for 90 days.
    A Long Term Visa – which is valid for between 90 days – 12 months.
    A Long Term Residence Permit – which gives you the ability to remain for longer than 12 months.
    A Resident Permit – for anyone who wants to live permanently in Czechia.

    Each of these visa solutions requires you to complete a specific application that will need to be submitted to the Czechian Embassy for processing. Visa preparation is possibly the most important relocation tip when moving to Czechia as it is wise to apply in advance so that any complications can be successfully dealt with before your date of travel.

    Pick Out a Place to Live

    Another great relocation tip is to conduct online viewings of places that you may want to live in so that you can skip expensive hotel stays when you arrive and just move straight in instead. To do this, it’s worth contacting agents in the Czechia and discussing the locations you are interested in as well as the amenities you need.

    You will need to be willing to put a deposit down if you are renting, to begin with. If you are looking to purchase a property then take the time to work with a specialist relocation agent in the UK that has experience in buying properties abroad.

    Pick Up the Lingo

    With your job, visa and property all in hand, you should next consider learning the language. This may seem daunting but the reason it is one of our favourite relocation tips when moving to Czechia is that it shows the people you are going to work with that you are serious about your stay in the country.

    You will find that learning the basics will also help you when you aren’t at work – from shopping, eating out and even seeing medical professionals, things are always easier when you can pick up on what’s being shared with you so that it doesn’t get lost in translation.

    If you are keen to get support with your relocation plans, Cavendish Professionals is here to help – let us work with you to find your next job in Czechia today!

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