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    Relocation Tips When Moving to Spain

    If you long for sun, sea and sand then relocating to Spain may be a brilliant idea! Thousands of people make the move each year and never look back, but if you want your move to be a success then we suggest you take time to check out our top relocation tips when moving to Spain so you are fully prepared for the adventure that awaits!

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    Learn Some Spanish

    It’s true that in Spain, the vast majority of people speak a good amount of English but this shouldn’t stop you from making the effort to learn some of the language. Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages across the world and being able to converse, even on the most basic level, will help you to settle in quickly

    You can download a Spanish app to learn, head out to a Spanish class or get lessons from a tutor – whichever way you choose to learn Spanish, you can be certain that it will be appreciated when you arrive in Spain.

    Prepare for the Weather

    It may seem obvious but the weather in Spain is very different from the UK and it can get incredibly hot. You must prepare for this change in temperature and all that comes with it. Think about how you will keep your skin protected and hydrated as well as preparing for the change in the working day, with longer breaks at the hottest times. The weather is going to be great but don’t forget to keep yourself safe!

    Find a Job and a House

    The practicalities of moving to Spain may feel a bit mundane but taking the time to find a good job and the ideal home will help you enjoy your time in the country even more. At Cavendish, we work with individuals who want to relocate and find suitable employment in the country they want to move to – all you need to do is contact our team and share your requirements.

    You will also need to contact an estate agent or landlord to help you find suitable accommodation. The good news is that there are lots of great places to live and the majority of them can be viewed online from the comfort of your own home.

    Organise Your Visa and NIE

    Getting your visa and NIE arranged before you leave is vital to be given entry to the country when you arrive. There are several visa options to choose from and you will need to submit the right application, along with all requested documentation to the Spanish Embassy for processing.

    If you are going to be working in Spain for more than three months, you must also apply for a Spanish tax number, known as a Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE). You can book your application appointment online and you will then need to supply all the requested documents and application on the day of your appointment for it to be processed.


    If, after reading out relocation tips when moving to Spain, you are ready to make the move then get in touch with the team at Cavendish and let us help you find a new job. We have vacancies in Spain and across the globe and we are committed to your success – get in touch today.


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