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    SAP with Sam

    We at Cavendish Professionals have recently launched a new series, “SAP with Sam”. This production brings you up-to-date news on SAP and developments within the technology industry. In a competitive and challenging recruitment market, we aim to be different than other recruitment companies and we wanted to share with you, our wealth of knowledge and experience working within the SAP sector.

    SAP Jobs

    Episode 1 – SAP S/4HANA

    In episode 1 of SAP with Sam, Sam discusses the growing popularity of S/4HANA and how it might affect companies for the 2027 upgrade. Moving to SAP S/4HANA is not just about following the newest trend in ERP technology. This is a move that can bring real competitive advantages to your business, which Sam breaks down in detail. SAP S/4 HANA is available in two editions: on-premises and in the public cloud.

    Episode 2 – SAP Cloud Technologies

    SAP cloud technologies is discussed in depth in episode 2. Sam breaks down the different choices around SAP cloud technologies and the benefits of moving from on-prem to the cloud. There are numerous reasons why a company may want to take advantage of cloud solutions. Companies can save even more time and money by utilizing software-as-a-service solutions as they lower the time to value with a different implementation timeframe than on-premises versions.

    Episode 3 – Benefits of retaining a Blue Card

    Sam is joined by special guest Jonathan Demontis in episode 3 of SAP with Sam. The guys discuss what is new with SAP. They also briefly discuss the benefits of retaining a blue card and how simple it is to receive one. They explain how you would go about getting a contract from your employer and how the interview stage works of receiving your blue card.

    Episode 4 – How SAP started and changed over time

    In this episode, Sam takes a look back on how SAP started over 50 years ago, and slowly evolved into all of the different modules and specialties seen today. Since SAP began, the database/OS has had a huge impact in the accounting sector, by allowing organisations to be streamline and consolidate large amounts of data at a time. Furthermore, the effect that SAP has had on demand in the cloud market has been exponential.

    Episode 5 – Why SAP and S/4HANA could benefit you

    During this episode, Sam talks about SAP, S/4HANA and the benefits the cloud platform can have on your business, as well as the variety of solutions that SAP has for your different needs. When it comes to the integration of your company’s different departments and systems, the S/4HANA platform allows for easy customisation. Moreover, as your IT requirements grow alongside the scale of your company, the variety of SAP modules provide more possibilities to adapt your business model to best suit what you and your team need.

    Episode 6 – Sam’s journey into recruitment

    In this episode of SAP with Sam, where Sam talks about his journey in recruitment and how he got into it. He fell into recruitment after university, where he was studying education and working in retail, but wasn’t enjoying it. He was inspired by a friend who was doing recruitment and was changing people’s lives , and thought it could be for him. He started applying for recruitment jobs in London and eventually got into SAP recruitment. He has been working with Cavendish professionals for almost four years now, and recently relocated to Manchester due to Covid and the shift to remote work.

    Sam Adams

    Our Head of SAP at Cavendish Professionals, Sam Adam’s, is the host of our new SAP podcast. Sam brings a wealth of SAP knowledge to the Cavendish Professionals team, having worked in recruitment for 3 years before he joined our organisation. Sam works with clients specifically across the DACH region and connects them to the best SAP professionals in the industry.

    Outside of work, Sam enjoys all things football. The majority of his weekends are spent playing football or cheering on Man United.

    Jonathan Demontis

    Throughout this new series, we have a number of guests joining Sam to discuss SAP and new developments within the technology industry. Jonathan Demontis, one of our Principal Consultants is the first to join Sam on the series.

    Jonathan joined Cavendish Professionals due to his growing enthusiasm to work within a business environment and with a company that shares his core values of professionalism, honesty, and dignity. Jonathan initially worked within the healthcare division at Cavendish Professionals and is now the SAP Principal Recruitment Consultant specialising in recruiting SAP professionals for companies across the DACH area.

    Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys going to the movies and hitting the gym.

    Behind the camera

    The production that goes into making a series like this a success frequently goes unnoticed. Thankfully, at Cavendish Professionals, we have an extremely hardworking marketing team that brings these ideas to life. Our Senior Marketing Executive, Amy Harris, has been responsible for the organisation of this production, both preparing the content and directing the filming on the day. Working alongside side K.OS Visuals we were able to bring our ideas to life.

    At Cavendish Professionals, we are SAP technology specialists that offer a flexible recruitment model that can assist with permanent, contract and temp-to-perm placements. Our strength is us, understanding your requirements, embedding ourselves in the industry and creating strong long-term relationships with both clients and candidates to find the right person for your organisation. Get in contact with us today and see how we can assist in your SAP recruitment search.