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    Software Development in Latvia

    Latvia is located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, sharing borders with Estonia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus and is currently making waves in the software development market.

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    Education in Technology

    Over the last 60 years the Latvian government have invested in their  technology and computer science industry. Many of their major universities: University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies cover Information Technology / Computer sciences and as a result, the current IT industry in Latvia is extremely vibrant.

    Technology and Infrastructure

    The Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Latvia contributed to 4.3% of the GDP in (2018). It is home to over 6500 ICT companies and over 400 start-up companies. The government support and investment not only includes contributions to the educational landscape but also provides non-EU start-up founders with a Start Up Visa, making it a favourable place for IT entrepreneurs to enter and develop.  Latvia can also boost to having one of the fastest internet connections in the world. Its capital Riga is also home to one of the largest start-up technology events – TechChill Conference  which is set to cover Health technology, Educational technology and digital transformation in their 2021 agenda.

    Latvia’s start-ups are truly diverse with a mixture of starts up from high growth, through to small creative start-ups within varied markets. Latvia is seen as being one of Europe’s entrepreneurial hotspots ranking third after Estonia and Sweden, with hundreds of start-ups based in the country’s capital Riga, but also spreading to Jūrmala, the second biggest city in Latvia and Daugavpils, where coworking spaces and events are constantly cropping up.

    Where we see an influx of start-ups subsequently this brings with it talented individuals. The top technical institutions within Latvia are producing over 1300 graduates annually, specialising in software development and various disciplines within ICT. With not only investment from a national level but many large organisations based outside of Latvia are also investing in Latvia’s ICT professionals, from either employing them directly or through Business Process Outsourcing service (BPO). The talent which Latvia has within the software development discipline is growing and is definitely in demand.

    How we can help

    Cavendish Professionals work with clients who are looking for talented creative software developers to help drive innovation within their organisations. Software Development jobs in Latvia are on the rise and if you are looking for a software development role please get in touch with a member of the consulting team, we might just have your next step on your career ladder.