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    Are you a recent computer studies graduate looking for a new direction in your career path? Do you have the relevant skills and experience it takes to be an Android developer? Have you been dreaming of an Android job for a company where you can put your skillset to good use?

    Then Cavendish Professionals is here to give you a helping hand on your journey. We’re a dedicated and passionate recruitment specialist with a strong focus on technology jobs including a variety of Android jobs in the market.

    Why work in an Android job?

    Android developers should have experience of the latest and greatest frameworks and be proficient in APIs. Some employers look for understanding of some of the most commonly used 3rd party libraries like Gson, Kotlin and Dagger, and the staples such as Android Studio. When you’re working with Android it’s helpful if you train as a full-stack developer to maximise your opportunities, with stacks including Java, SQL and C# so that you can offer the best level of service.

    As an Android developer, you could find yourself working in the commercial space developing mobile and website software, creating innovative and bespoke platforms and apps for a variety of clients. Many employers are looking for individuals who are passionate about increasing their skillsets, and those who can develop clean, error-free code for their clients.

    You should be able to work as an individual on your own coding, however it is also important to integrate yourself into a team to achieve greater results for your employer and for the end-user of your technology. Great verbal and written skills are also highly valued in Android jobs so you can present your ideas seamlessly. Android jobs may even require you to lead a team if you already have experience.

    Why choose Cavendish Professionals for your Android job search?

    We pride ourselves on developing strong working relationships with each of our job searchers, putting their needs first and finding them a career path they’ll be happy with in the long-term. It’s our aim to make your stressful job search easy, doing the legwork for you behind the scenes to identify positions suitable for your unique skillset and experience.

    We understand how moving jobs or starting a new career path can be daunting, so we’re here to provide you with the extra level of support you need. We take care of everything from interview techniques to creating a profile of potential Android jobs which are within the right distance from your home, as we understand every single applicant is different and requires a bespoke approach from us.

    We have connections all over the world as well as within the UK so you can expect a steady stream of jobs to apply to, meaning you don’t have to scour the job market when you could be improving your skills.

    Check out our long list of Android jobs here, or get in touch via phone or email today to see how we can kickstart your new Android job search in a way sure to bring fast and long-lasting results.

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