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    Stress Awareness Month: Community

    Stress Awareness Month is every April since 1992 and is about raising awareness and cures for managing stress.  We wanted to shed light on this great cause. Over the last two years due to the pandemic, people suffering from stress has increased.

    This year, Stress Awareness month focuses on the theme of Community. It is so important to be part of an engaging community. A community provides a sense of belonging, a place where people can share personal experiences and support each other.  The pandemic caused some communities to break down. Unfortunately, people had to isolate which created the feeling of being disconnected and heightened feelings of anxiety and stress. Now that we are able to come together again, it is important we get that feeling of community to re-enter our lives.

    Throughout April, we have the opportunity to talk to qualified counsellors that can help us understand what stress is, how we can identify it, what coping techniques can be used and how we can help each other to manage and deal with stress in a positive way.

    Next week we are fortunate to have Sabrina Khan, a qualified counsellor who will take part in our Stress Awareness Series and provide our readers with advice on the topic of stress.

    Look out for it next week!

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