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    Successful Video Interview Techniques

    Video interviews are extremely popular during the 1st stage interviews, or especially when interviewing for a role overseas. If you have never been interviewed over a video conferencing format it can be quite daunting. Here are some Video Interview Techniques tips for you to put you at ease.


    This is a very important Video Interview Techniques, you want to find a nice quiet, private area, where you will not be interrupted. A place where it is well lit, so the interviewer can just see your silhouette.


    Ensure your internet connection is stable where you are and doesn’t easily loose signal. The last thing you want to to be answering a question and get cut off.


    Dress as you would if you were going to meet the interviewer in person. Professional dress is still the best way to go for any interview whether in person or video. I would advise that you dress head to to in smart attire, not just your top half. You never know what accidental video view might occur.

    Mock Run

    The final Video Interview Techniques is to organise a mini mock run through with a friend or family member. You should test your audio and webcam checking all the technology works. The last thing you want is to have problems setting it up when you are due to start in a couple of minutes.

    Most of all relax, you’ve done your research, submitted the application, so now you have to impress the just wow the panel. You have been selected for an interview which is great, just believe in yourself and go and do a great job.