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    Technology - SAP

    I joined Cavendish Professionals as an Associate Consultant in the SAP division as a newcomer to the field of recruitment, making the switch from my specialisation as a Social and Behavioural Psychologist. The core values of emphatic honesty and hard work at Cavendish are well aligned with mine, which presented the perfect opportunity for me to switch tracks and utilise my knowledge and expertise of people and their decision making to assist them in progressing their careers, whilst ensuring businesses are choosing the right people to keep pushing them forward.

    I have a passion for working with people and am motivated by enabling people to find fulfilment in their career and make the right moves for them and their families.

    Outside of work: As an avid writer and cook, you will often find me spending quality time with my partner and our cat, with the occasional trip to the gym or the squash courts helping me to keep my mind and body in good shape.

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