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    Tech Insights Podcast: The Importance of wellbeing whilst working remotely

    In a world increasingly dominated by remote work, the need for physical movement has never been more critical. Michal, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Cavendish Professionals, and Adina, Senior .NET Fullstack Developer, recently sat down for a video interview to discuss the importance of incorporating movement into the remote work lifestyle. Their conversation touched on various aspects, from personal stories to practical strategies for success.

    In this enlightening video interview, Michal and Adina underscore that remote work doesn’t have to be synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle. By incorporating movement into one’s daily routine, remote workers can unlock a world of physical and mental benefits, ultimately contributing to their professional success and overall well-being.

    We would like to say a massive thank you to Adina Anca for joining our discussion. To see more of her industry insights, feel free to take a look at her LinkedIn profile here.

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