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    The benefits of working in the construction industry

    Construction work is a vast and expansive industry with many different jobs available in many different sectors. There is something for everyone in this industry from administration work to hands-on labour.

    It isn’t just about working on building sites and doing manual labour, there are many different opportunities available. These can include working as an architect, a supervisor, a civil engineer or a site manager as well as other skilled jobs such as electrician work, plumbing and operating equipment.

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    You’ll always be in demand

    It’s a hugely diverse sector with many roles within a wide range of sub-sectors. There’s a niche for everyone! Whether it’s site manager, quantity surveyors or plant operator. With a huge construction skills shortages looming due to a variety of reasons from Brexit to many large-scale infrastructure projects in the pipeline, as well as a need for increased house-building across the UK, skilled construction professionals are extremely valued. Such a skills shortages is pointing the construction industry towards developing into a highly candidate driven job market.

    Great opportunities for career progression

    A whole range of job and career opportunities are almost always available within the construction industry with great chances for career progression within many of the specific industry sectors. It’s really quite straightforward and accessible to quickly move up the ranks within your chosen field. You can start with one area of expertise, take on new skills and eventually move up the career ladder. A site worker can progress to site manager and often continue into a senior site manager’s role. Consistency, reliability and a clear goal plan will take you a long way.

    Job opportunities at home and abroad

    Great opportunities to travel and work on projects all over the world will come your way if you stick at it with the right companies. There will be a number of exciting opportunities here in the UK but with real possibility to travel internationally and work on a number of prominent projects.

    Be a part of exciting national projects

    There are many exciting national projects under way some of which are quite unique in the UK such as Hinkley C, HS2, Heathrow Expansion and Crossrail. You will gain many opportunities to get involved with such projects and feel that you are really part of something big and of national importance.

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