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    The Importance of a Successful Project Manager

    The famous ancient Egyptian pyramids, the largest Buddhist temple Borobudur and The Great Wall of China, are all fantastic examples of great architecture and behind every successful project is the Project Manager. These structures would all have a kind of project manager, but probably not as we know it.  Project management that we have today began in the 19th Century. Over the years project management has refined and advanced with technology developments, certifications and formalised qualifications, due to this it has grown in popularity.

    With so many industries requiring project management skills, it has become a career on the rise as the demand grows. Construction and Engineering is one of the most popular industries that requires the skill set of a project manager. With the construction industry on the rise, this too requires the need for qualified project managers.

    A great project manager is the start to any successful project and therefore seen as a necessity rather than a luxury.

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a project manager?

    First off let’s look at the transferable skills that are required for a successful project manager:

    • Strong leadership
    • Strong organisational skills
    • Flexibility
    • Creative thinker
    • Problem solver
    • Negotiation
    • Time management/planning
    • Effective communication
    • Conflict management
    • Results orientated.

    If you possess the above skills you are halfway there!!

    There are many courses you can take to formalise your skills. Please find below are some well-renowned organisations within the industry that offer a formalised route for those looking to begin (or continue developing) their journey in the project management market.

    PRINCE2® – A world recognised project management method
    SIX Sigma – a data driven process-improvement programme
    AGILE – Large scale projects that are broken down into smaller projects completed by collaborative smaller working groups.
    PMI – The world’s largest membership association for Project Managers

    Cavendish Professionals, a recruiter across numerous industries, we have several clients who require the skills of a project manager. Our experienced consultants have placed candidates into large-scale local, domestic and international projects.

    If you have the necessary skills and are looking to change careers, or you are already a project manager but looking to change industries get in contact with us at Cavendish Professionals and speak to our consultants – Let us see what options are available to you.