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    The Importance of Fitting into Company Culture

    From office banter about the latest Game of Thrones episode to a monthly team building exercise like paintballing; every company has a culture. For many employers, how their new prospective candidate fits in with the company culture is just as important as their credentials. Read on to find out more about company culture and how it can affect your performance at work…


    Fitting in and being happy with your company’s culture ensures the best working environment for you, meaning you’ll work to your full potential!


    Teamwork is a core company value that merges different talents together to create great results. If your team dynamic is positive and friendly, you’re more likely to succeed and reach your targets.


    A good company culture means that your colleagues are part of your support network. You feel like you’re able to ask for help when you need it, which fosters knowledge sharing and builds trust.


    Nothing affects us more than our workplace environment. Coming to work every morning to smiles and laughter can make a huge difference to your overall mood and productivity.


    When you’re surrounded by colleagues that understand you, your communication with them will be more fluent and transparent, ensuring that you bring out the best in each other.


    A good company culture provides an overall sense of happiness and satisfaction amongst employees. This results in employee loyalty and less staff turnover.