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    Tips for a SAP SD Consultant

    SAP SD Consultants are in demand, but you need to give recruiters the reason to choose you. Here are a few tips to stand out from the crowd

    Thorough knowledge of previous projects you worked on

    It is important to demonstrate you have the technical knowledge, but importantly you have been able to apply it in a working environment. The day-to-day working on a project can be very different from just knowing the technical elements of SAP SD.

    Good communication skills

    The ability to be able to clearly explain the scenarios of a topic and how it needs to be designed in SAP is important. There could be instances where you need to discuss the situation with someone that does not have the technical knowledge. Therefore, having the capability to explain the situation for people to understand is crucial.

    A thorough understanding of the entire SD process

    The breadth of knowledge in SAP SD is key, have experience and highlighting all areas of the SAP SD process, demonstrating your knowledge not just in order management incidents, but also confidently show hands-on experience in delivery, shipments, and shipping costs will always play in your favour. When in a role take time to really immerse yourself into all the different parts of the SD process.

    Have a genuine interest in information technology

    It is good to have a keen interest in information technology. Exploring new ideas and constant education of your craft will get you far. Organisations always need to have a USP and if you can contribute by coming up with new ideas and thinking out of the box, you can become a real asset.

    Grow your professional network

    Work on developing your professional network. Comment on forums, and build your profile. Connect with other SAP SD professionals on social networking platforms. Speaking with other SAP SD professionals within your specialist area can help build on your knowledge of the software. Never underestimate the learnings you can get from simple discussions with fellow peers.

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