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    Tips for managing your workload

    There are many benefits by controlling your workload. By planning your time you can cut out non-essential activities and achieve more, therefore enhancing your career. It allows you to make your job more enjoyable and rewarding, as time management teaches you to be more productive and to say no to impossible workloads. If you are sometimes too busy, if you have deadlines that are impossible to meet, if you are disorganised and just can’t seem to find the time to sort out your inbox, then time management can help you.

    Make a record

    How are you spending your time? Figure out how your time is being wasted. What can be cut out? Also, always write down your ‘to do’ list and organise it according to priority.

    Manage Meetings

    Attend only meetings that it is necessary or advantageous to attend. Make sure you are prepared for it so that it achieves something. Otherwise a follow-up meeting may become needed which also wastes time.

    Manage Communications

    Make effective telephone calls by not staying on hold and leaving clear messages. Keep a tidy inbox with multiple folders for different types of emails and don’t let yourself be disturbed.

    Be organised

    A tidy desk, a tidy to-do list, and a tidy email inbox show a tidy and organised mind and person.


    Even if you have multiple projects on the go and numerous tasks to achieve, a clearly defined list of priorities will keep you on top of things and will help you to meet deadlines.